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24x7 Support

We provide round-the-clock support services for your applications and websites. Our team is proactive in fixing website issues, downtimes, and crashes anytime it happens. You can check our 24×7 support packages for more details.

Development Support

We promise our exclusive development support to all registered clients. Our team is always ready to help you with changes and tweaks and take it ahead as requested. We have a support portal where you can raise support tickets and get your changes done in a reasonable timeframe.


Our team provides you with round-the-clock maintenance and Support. So you can trust us for all kinds of maintenance issues like bugs, backups, software upgrades, and monitoring performance. We constantly check for issues and keep your website updated and relevant.

Every website needs maintenance, as tools and programming languages keep getting upgraded, and you need to upgrade your system to have a functional and secure system.

Bug fixes

Don’t worry if you face bugs and website issues; we are here to help. We believe even a small bug can cause an issue that will be too expensive to fix in the future. Our post-production team will monitor your website and makes it bugs free.

Recovering the hacked site

We specialize in recovering the hacked site and preventing future hacks too. As soon as we receive the notification of a hack, we change the credentials, clean up the system, restore the last backup site, and try to bring it to the latest state.

Theme changes

With the upgrade in programming language and underlying framework, themes and templates may need to be revised. It is important to test a website after every change in the platform; there may be a need to tweak the themes for a new upgrade. Our team makes sure to run these changes for all the sites we manage.

Website Cleanup and Performance Optimization

We boost your site performance and speed with our website clean-up and performance optimization tasks. Our team optimizes the size of the images, clears the cache, minimizes the number of JavaScript & CSS files, and other diverse approaches to optimize the database in CMS.

SEO Issue Fixes

A website should be free from SEO-related issues. We ensure that your site is clean and meets the latest SEO standards. Our dedicated team of specialists takes care of all your SEO-related queries and issues.

Plugin and app integration

We also install and configure plugins and apps depending on your business requirements. We support the installation, configuration, and upgradation of existing plugins from time to time.

Hosting issue fixes

We cater to the needs of clients across the globe and have a good understanding of the most popular hosting services. We recommend hosting services based on client requirements, budget, and location.

Our team takes care of hosting issues and makes sure that your site is not lost during a major upgrade in hosting platforms.

Uptime Monitoring

Our team makes sure that your site is monitored continuously for uptime. We use tools to automate uptime monitoring and make sure that both of us receive a downtime alert so we can act on that urgently.


Share Your Store Customization Requirement with us. We will get in touch with you within 24 hours on Weekdays and within 48 hours on Sat/Sun.


Customer support team will pick your requirement and assess it to see if we have a suitable offer for you and may contact you to understand more about the requirements.


Support team will discuss with the Technical team and get a proper proposal for you for your requirements. Technical team may reach out to you if needed.


Once you approve the project proposal and pricing then a project manager will be assigned to you who will setup and liaise with the team for you.



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