Inclusive of all e-commerce features

It includes all e-commerce features like product variants, checkout process, Wishlist, order tracking, refund, order notes, and managed address.

Efficient UX design

It offers effective and efficient UX Designs with multi-level categories, quick product filters, super smooth checkout flow, searching keyword history, and others.


We help customize the home, category, and other pages as needed.

User Settings

Users can enable the push notification, view Wishlist’s, view order history, smart chat settings, switch languages, and rate the app on the app store.

Dark themes

Users can set a dark theme for night mode.

Push notification

Push notifications are enabled using Firebase.

Google Analytics

We help with the integration of Google Analytics so you can track the users online and the number of registrations.


We can customize the white-labeled apps as per your unique needs.

Optimum Performance

We speed up the loading performance by caching images offline.

Easy Registration

Social Login, SMS Login by Firebase Auth, also has the option to activate the Guest checkout.

Instant Synchronization

We offer instant synchronization, mobile to the server, and vice versa; the data can be updated smoothly without any wait time.


Support to switch to any language and easily add your own Languages and local currencies.

Dynamic Product Variant

It offers dynamic product variants and different types of Layouts (Colors, Dropdown, Box).

Powerful Map Picker

It comes with a Powerful Map Picker to help you fill in the billing address; it just takes a few seconds to complete the address form.


It supports iOS and Android and helps you reach your app more easily via any other outside channel, such as other messaging apps or email. In addition, users can share products by using Deep linking, which gives better UX and helps in increasing the user base.

Your Own App

Customize the name, logo, color, and font to reflect your blog. Market and publish it as your app.

Fully Native

These are fully native apps. Performance and UI are better when you use native apps.

Real Time Store Sync

All product collections and lists are synchronized with the app in real-time.

Product Listing

Various types of product lists are displayed on the home page. It can also be customized.


Collections & Sub-categories are displayed in dynamic and customized layouts.


The products in the Cart are locally saved so you can have a faster checkout process.

Track Order

It helps the user to track order status from the app. You don't need to log in to the WooCommerce web account for the same.

Payment Gateways

All supported payment gateways are well integrated into the mobile app for convenience.


It also offers a Wishlist feature and allows users to add products to their Wishlist. The chances of sale for the products in the Wishlist are quite high.

Featured Products

Featured products or other collections can be displayed at a strategic location in the app.


Users can search for the product from within the app and save it in their Wishlist.

Login to WooCommerce

You can log in directly to your WooCommerce account by using this app.

Messages & Notifications

Get exclusive message Inbox and send offers & info to users.

Chat Messenger

Chat Messenger is integrated into the app. Users can directly chat with store representatives.

Sorting Products

Users can sort product listings by dates, price, and alphabetical or customized orders.

Social Media Integration

All social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) will be integrated into the app.

Android Pay

Now, pay through Android Pay in all countries where it is available.

Apple Pay

Now, pay through Apple Pay in all those countries where it is available.

Account Manager

An expert and dedicated account manager will be assigned to you to take care of your issues & questions.

Website Widget

We will integrate a website widget on your website, directing all mobile users to the app.


We will provide training on how to use the app and its features.

App Updates

App updates will be provided for issues & as per the requirement and package.

App Downloads

Unlimited Android & iOS app downloads are provided with each package.


Integrate your blogs with the app. You can also integrate a third-party blog.

No Transaction Fee

No extra charges are applied. All charges are as per WooCommerce T&C.

Ad Support

Make money by enabling pre-configured ad networks like AdMob on your app.


We provide world-class, 24X7 support through calls, emails, and a support portal.



Perfect Shopping Experience

Mobile apps provide a simple and clean user interface, making it easy for customers to browse products at their fingertips from anywhere in the world and seamlessly add them to their Cart.

User Engagement

Mobile apps are easy to use. Give one tap, and the complete catalog opens & you don’t need to do a login or logout every time.

Customer Loyalty

A mobile app can help businesses improve customer loyalty by providing a convenient and user-friendly way for customers to shop. A mobile app can make it easier for users to find and purchase products, track their orders, and manage their account information. By providing a high-quality mobile app experience, businesses can foster customer loyalty and retain more customers.

Powerful Analytics

Every business owner wants to understand their customers so that a business can sell better. A big plus about having a mobile app is the analytics that comes along with it. You can use these analytics to create more engaging content and define your strategy to reach out to more users.

Interactive Engagement

Mobile apps allow users to immerse themselves in two-way experiences and bring customers closer. Features like chatbots, customer support calls, and in-app chats make communication smoother and faster. You can also notify customers of new updates regarding their orders, promotional offers, and other store events they’ll be interested in.

Push Notifications

When you have an app, you can send out powerful and targeted push notifications to reduce cart abandonment and further engage customers. You can notify them about your new arrivals, daily deals, flash sales, stock clearance, and lots more. Push Notifications are the best way to reach out to customers. Emails are no longer considered good, as most of them land in the spam folder.

Use of Device Features

Users can use many device features, like calling directly from the contact page or emailing you from the mobile app.

Great User Experience

Customer experiences are evolving; an enriching experience depends on the ease and comfort with which end users can access your service. A native mobile app is best aligned with a customer’s basic needs and offers a better user experience than websites or any other medium of interaction. Native apps provide some great features as adding products to the Wishlist and sharing on chat messengers.

Go where the users are

The world is moving from desktop to mobile; thus, having a website is not enough as it cannot be optimized completely for mobile experiences. Mobile apps get more engagement from users as they are permanently installed on their mobile phones. Being “in the way” can be advantageous as our mind subconsciously records every image and text (well-designed app) it comes across.


The major part of any business’s success is to be identified by its brands. Users will be reminded of the brand even when they are not using the app; your app icon acts as a form of brand advertisement and influences the user’s perception of the brand. So if you are willing to experiment with branding, the mobile app is your go-to solution.

Go where the users are

World is moving from desktop to mobile-first to mobile-only era. Having a website only is not enough as they cannot be optimized completely for mobile experiences. Mobile apps provide more engagement from users as they are permanently installed on their mobile phones.


The major part of any business’s success is to be identified by its brands. Users will be reminded of the brand even when they are not using the app; your app icon acts as a form of brand advertisement and influences the user’s perception of the brand. So if you are willing to experiment with branding, the mobile app is your go-to solution.

Launching a mobile app for your e-commerce store will take your brand to new heights. Only a few online stores have launched their own mobile app. It is a good differentiator, showing that you are serious about your business and customer experience.

Encourage Social Sharing

Do you want your customers to do advertising for you by sharing your merchandise on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites? The mobile app has an inbuilt sharing capability that can help your store go viral.

Competitive Advantage of Mobile Apps over a WooCommerce mobile-friendly website

There are some differences between the two:

  • The website attracts new customers, while the app creates a loyal customer base.
  • In the case of a website, you need to open the browser and enter the website URL, while the app is just a tap away.
  • On the website, the customer comes, completes the activity, and exits, while on the app, the communication is two-way and ongoing.
  • Websites are more responsive to search queries, but apps provide engagement, loyalty, and ease of use. Your App “lives” on the user’s device.
  • Most marketers use their mobile website to attract new customers and convince them to download their app, generating an opportunity for profitable & ongoing relationships.


FirstWire Apps help you with services for all stages of your e-commerce journey on all platforms to take your brand online.


We have dedicated team members who collectively grow through the experience of formulating and organizing each and every task.


We offer services for simple to complex e-commerce related requirements. Here are some of our recently completed e-commerce projects. Please see the full list at Portfolio.


During and after working we are available for 24/7 providing customer support services.



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