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Online Reputation Management

ORM is an integral part of the corporate strategy as it builds and maintains customers’ trust in the business. However, negative reviews, illegal content on hate sites, negative media coverage, and false information are some of the reputation-related challenges businesses face. Thus, businesses must protect their online image from being tarnished by these negative comments and reviews.

Our ORM Service involves monitoring and shaping the online reputation of an individual or organization. It involves responding to negative reviews or comments, promoting positive content, and presenting a positive image of the organization online. We ensure that your online reputation is protected and balanced by taking genuine customer reviews and making sure that it is available online.

Reviews & Social Media

Reviews and social media play a significant role in online reputation management (ORM). Reviews, whether positive or negative, can majorly impact an individual or organization’s online reputation. Positive reviews can help improve the reputation and attract new customers; however, negative reviews can damage the reputation and drive customers away.

Social media can also be a powerful tool for ORM, allowing individuals and organizations to engage directly with their audience and control their online image. Public platforms like Twitter and Quora are also vital in building public perception. Our ORM services help you strategically manage your online reputation.

Competitor’s sabotage

Competitor sabotage is the practice of damaging the online reputation of a competitor to gain an advantage. It can take many forms, such as posting negative reviews or comments about the competitor, spreading false or damaging information about the competitor, or engaging in other activities that are intended to harm the competitor’s reputation.

Competitor sabotage is considered unethical, but when your business grows big, competitors come behind you and try to sabotage your business by investing in building a negative reputation. Our team identifies such content and works with various platforms to report and get it banned.

Ex-Employee issues

An ex-employee can potentially cause issues for online reputation management (ORM) if they have negative experiences or feelings about their time with the organization. In addition, they may choose to share their experiences online, either through social media or review sites, and their comments can damage the organization’s reputation.

We work on your employee exit policies and interviews to understand the issues and try to resolve them proactively. Our team contacts your ex-employees and ensures that they have a proper channel for their complaints and that their issues are resolved as soon as possible so they can close their online reviews.

Fake news

Fake news can potentially be a major issue for online reputation management (ORM). Fake news is false or misleading information that is presented as if it were real news. It can be damaging for individuals and organizations because it can spread quickly online and be difficult to contain or correct once it is out there.

In order to prevent or address fake news, organizations need to be proactive in monitoring their online reputations and responding to any fake news that is published. Our team works as your army to fight fake news and ensure a proper follow-up process with good PR and positive reinforcement through the right public communication. It is also essential to be transparent and honest in your communication, as this can help you build trust and credibility among your audience.

Unwanted controversies

Unwanted controversy can cause significant issues with online reputation management (ORM). Controversy can arise for many reasons, such as miscommunication, a mistake, or an inflammatory statement or action. It can be damaging for organizations because it can attract negative attention and be challenging to control or contain.

By being proactive and taking a strategic approach to ORM, organizations can protect their reputations and minimize the impact of any unwanted controversy. Our team handles your entire PR process during this time of crisis and makes sure that there is minimum damage and that you can come out from it as soon as possible.

Ban on Social Media and Marketplaces

Social media and marketplaces are important platforms for individuals and organizations to engage with their audience and manage their online reputations. A ban on these platforms could limit an organization’s ability to monitor their online presence and respond to any negative comments or reviews.

Social media bans could also make it difficult for businesses to promote their products or services, which could impact their ability to attract new customers. In order to mitigate the impact of a ban on social media and marketplaces, organizations may need to explore alternative platforms and strategies for managing their online reputations. We audit your social media content and make sure that it is clean and does not generate any controversy.

Ban from Google and other browser

Google and other browsers are the primary way most people access the internet, so a ban from these platforms could make it difficult for organizations to be found online. Ban could make it harder for them to attract new customers and damage their reputations if potential customers cannot find their websites or online profiles. We help you mitigate the issue by utilizing various strategies.

Rank on Search Engines

ORM can also help businesses improve their ranking on search engines like Google. It is because search engines often consider a business’s online reputation when determining its ranking on the search results page. By building a positive online reputation, businesses can improve their search engine ranking and make it more likely for potential customers to find them when searching for relevant products or services.

Grow Customer Trust

The easiest way for customers to choose services or products from businesses is through online reputation and reviews. Once the customer trust is built, they can help spread your message through mouth-to-mouth publicity and referrals.

Our effective ORM strategies help improve your business reputation and build trust among your customers. It can lead to increased customer loyalty and higher sales.


  • Build and Manage Reputation
  • Audit Public Content and Suggest Ways to build Positive Content
  • Improve communication with clients and employees to limit grievances.
  • Manage systems to handle and resolve public grievances.
  • Acknowledge Negative Reviews & Feedback and reach out to the people to resolve and close them.
  • Review of ORM Strategy
  • Help collect Positive Reviews from genuine customers.
  • Monitor Online Reputation
  • Generate High Authority Backlinks
  • Client Interaction & Understanding
  • Online Reputation Optimization
  • Wikipedia Services


  • Improves search engine ranking
  • Builds Credibility
  • Build and Market Your Brand
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Helps in regular monitoring of your Reputation
  • Gain Potential Customers’ Trust
  • Cost-effective marketing strategy
  • Boosts sales


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