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Shopify Mobile Apps - Sign up for 15 Days Free Trial

First check all the details about Why you need Customer Mobile Apps for your Shopify Store and check the Pricing etc. at Shopify Mobile App Details

Steps to Setup Demo Mobile Apps (iOS/Android) for Your Shopify Store

  1. Activate Mobile Sales Channel on Your Shopify Admin Menu. Click on Sales Channel & add Mobile App Sales Channel
  2. Note down (or keep a copy of) API KEY and APP ID
  3. Register on our Sign-Up Form. Click on Sign Up button below
  4. Go to "REGISTER STORE" page on Sign-Up application
  5. Input Shopify Store URL , APP KEY and APP ID on the Form and Submit.
  6. Shopify Store URL must be of the form 'shopname.myshopify.com' and cannot start with http://. Please contact your IT team to get the URL
  7. A Trial "Access Code" will be generated. Please keep this code ready for trial
  8. Download below Trial Apps. Insert Access Code and see your Store Live on Trial App

    *Please note that images might not look perfect on Trial App, we will need to customize it for you.

    Android Trial App Link
    Shopify Trial App - Android

    *For Android - Insert the Access Code and See your Store Data on Trial App

    iOS Trial App Link Shopify Trial App - iOS

    *For iOS - Open the App -> Go To Menu-> Click on last option "Search Store" -> See your Store Data on App